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How to Order the Standard

To purchase a copy of the American National Standard for Four Wheel All-Terrain Vehicles - Equipment, Configuration, and Performance Requirements (ANSI/SVIA 1 - 2010) please call (949) 727-3727, ext 3023 or click here.

Available in hard copy for $60.00 USD with limitations.

Available on CD or electronically for $360.00 USD with limitations.


History of the ATV Standard

In 1985, the SVIA began development of a standard, which established the requirements for equipment, configuration, and performance of four-wheel all-terrain vehicles in the United States. In 1990, the ANSI approved the first standard for all-terrain vehicles. In 2001, the standard was revised to modify certain definitional language and add several provisions to enhance and clarify the standard. In 2007, the standard was updated to include definitions for Type I and Type II ATVs; new Y-10+ and T category ATVs; requirements of Type II ATV passenger handholds and footrests; new requirements for labels, owner’s manuals, hang tags; and a compliance certification label. The standard was further refined in 2010 to retain the Y12+ Category, updated label requirements, and incorporate the interpretations from the previous editions.